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Lexus develops a three-dimensional loom for carbon-fiber parts (x)

Seriously though, this is the most bonkers insane machine I have ever watched


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How To Pronounce Italian Cycling Brand Names

Because let’s be honest, most people just say “Campy” because they can’t say Campagnolo.

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Okay so I don’t usually do this but, Baylor is diagnosed with leukemia and he needs a matching marrow donor. Since matching is based on ethnicity, he will most likely need a mixed race donor who is also Japanese and German. 


To register in person, look for a drive in SF Bay Area:http://www.aadp.org/drive/

if you aren’t in the in SF Bay Area Request a kit: http://www.aadp.org/homekit

PoC are underrepresented in a lot of places and this is one of them.

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Whoever can guess what I’m making gets an imaginary cookie.

Whoever can guess what I’m making gets an imaginary cookie.

Finally, new bike day!

Finally, new bike day!

It should illegal to post a bike for sale, sell it, and leave the ad up so I get my hopes up only to find out hours after I email them that they already sold the bike.

I’ve returned, tumblr. 

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Oh, yeah! This body’s HOT! I feel POWERFUL!

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